Welcome to Heartland Estate

A Multi – Purpose Facility

At Heartland Estate, we offer a wide variety of services including Horse Boarding & Training, 4-H club, Youth program, and we are an Arabian Horse Discovery Farm.  Future Leaders Of the World, FLOW, is our social and emotional program that focuses on building self-confidence, and self-esteem as well as developing the soft skills that are needed to become strong, effective leaders. Each week we host a 4-H club for teenagers, ages 12-18. Topics include equine anatomy, conformation, feed and nutrition, evolution, breed characteristics, reproduction, horse management, and more.  As a boarding facility, we pride ourselves on treating your horse like one of our own fur babies.  Lastly, if you are searching for a place to learn more about horses in a relaxed atmosphere, we offer special days throughout the year where you can come out and meet the Arabians and discover what makes them such a special breed of horse.

Future Leaders Of The World Youth Program

Our mission is to help our youth become effective communicators, compassionate listeners, and responsible contributors to the community.

We believe every teenager has a voice, a unique talent, and a unique personality. Each and every person deserves to be liked, loved, and accepted by those around them.  We know with the proper life skills every youth can step into leadership positions even at a young age, allowing them to be the influencer of their inner circle.  This all happens when they learn to respond instead of reacting which helps them to better control their environment, giving them clarity to set and achieve goals.

At Heartland Estate

We Treat Your Horse Like Its Our Own


We take pride in caring for all of our horses on the farm.  We offer a variety services to house and care for your horses including boarding, training, daily/weekly exercise to ensure your four legged friend is happy and healthy.

Our Arabian Discovery Farm

Our mission is to share the experience that only comes from learning and experiencing the majesty of the world’s oldest pure breed of horse — Arabians.

Enter a world where the time you spend with an Arabian horse is the best part of your day – where the beauty, athleticism, and heart of the oldest pure breed of horse in the world comes to life. Whether you are a show enthusiast, an active trail or distance rider, or simply enjoy spending time with horses, the Arabian horse is perfect for every discipline, every age, and every adventure. 

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